About Us


Located at Fornebu outside of Oslo, Snøhetta has redesigned and expanded Norwegian fashion brand Holzweiler's multi-brand store linestore. The store is designed to allow costumers to experience products in dialogue with one another in an organic yet curated way.

The space is organized around large, custom-made pieces of furniture that work together to create a distinct atmosphere through their function, form and color. Conceptually, the space works with themes such as suspension, perception and prepositions - how being around or in between the central artifacts affects one's experience of being in the space beyond the physical presence.

  • Snarøyveien 55,


  • Opening Hours

    Monday - Friday: 10.00am - 20.00pm

    Saturday: 09:00am - 18:00pm

    Sunday: Closed

  • Contact

    +47 934 81 177